GCSE Revision Technique

As a parent or guardian of a student preparing for their exams, you want to give them as much support and encouragement as possible. It is important to remember it can be a stressful time for young people in the lead up to their exams, so encourage them to speak to you if they have any concerns.

Revision Plan

Before your child starts their revision, put together a revision timetable. This will help your child manage their time effectively and ensure they cover all subjects before their exams, leading them to feel less stressed.


For language speaking exams, some find it helps to record themselves speaking and then listening to the recording back. By listening to it a few times a day it helps people to memorise the words.

Make Associations

Another way to help memorise information is through creating associations. Relating a topic with a person, place, object or hobby will help remember information as learners can associate information with their own experiences.

Get Creative

Getting creative can help students to understand and remember information. Whether it’s using the text to write a song, drawing spider diagrams or using imagery and colour; trial using different techniques to see which works for you.

Listen to music

Some people love listening to their favourite music while they revise. Having background music or the radio on can boost productivity as it helps people feel calm and relaxed. Others may get distracted by sound and so prefer to revise in a quiet space.

One size doesn’t fit all

Remember everyone learns and retains information differently, what works for one might not necessarily work for another. Encourage your child to try different ways of revising to see what works for them.

Extra Tuition

If you’re looking for an experienced tutor to deliver extra tuition for your child, then take a look at Affinity Tutors – an online learning platform giving you access to hundreds of tutors with up-to-date curriculum knowledge.