Keeping your child focused during winter

During winter, when the nights are longer and shorter days, it can be hard for children and young people to stay focused on their learning. 

It is not uncommon for many to feel lethargic and lack energy throughout the winter months, affecting your child’s learning and how they apply themselves in the classroom. 

The start of the calendar year also marks the beginning of exam revision season for GCSE students in particular. So it is vital that young people continue to feel motivated and engaged with their studies. 

Take a look at a few tips on how you can encourage your child to stay focused during winter. 

Set Goals 

Who doesn’t love a challenge? Why not set your child goals and reward them if they achieve these. Goals will give them the incentive to remain focused and help them structure and organise their learning. 

Make sure there are no distractions

It is so easy to get distracted if their phone is nearby. Time can fly by if your child is scrolling on social media or playing a game. When your child is studying, turn off their phone and the TV to ensure they fully concentrate on their work. 

Establish a routine

Setting a routine will not only help your child know when they need to study; it will also help you to plan your time too. Establish set days and times each week for your child to study. As part of their study plan, be sure to set regular breaks for your child to re-energise. During their break, offer them a healthy snack to stay focused. 

Add variation 

When you sit down with your child to plan their study time, ensure you include a variety of topics. Studying a few subjects for a shorter amount of time during the weekend or focusing on a particular topic for an hour each evening, will keep your child engaged.

Play some music

Music can be a massive motivator. If your child struggles to get motivated to study, put on some upbeat music to improve their mood and help them feel more energised to learn. There have also been various studies suggesting that music can also help reduce anxiety and boost wellbeing. 

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