National Teaching Assistant Day 2020


Teaching Assistants are a brilliant support system for teachers and children in the classroom. They have a big responsibility for keeping young people engaged and helping school days run efficiently.

If you want to progress in your teaching career, starting out as a TA gives you lots of exposure to a classroom environment and will help you gain experience from teachers who have worked in the field for many years.

So what does it take to be a successful TA?

Forward Thinking – The teacher will look to you to assist with lesson plans, use your initiative and present ideas to help the day run smoothly. Perhaps go home and create some learning tools or activities that will fit in with the lesson.

Be adaptable It pays off to be flexible, dynamics can change in the classroom on a daily basis, so be available at every opportunity. Early starts and late finishes will stand you in high regard with the teaching staff. Being able to help out in other areas of the school may also be expected and showing willing is key to your development.

Understand their needs Every child has different learning abilities. Having good communication skills with both teacher and pupils, will help you to identify who needs extra help. That way you will be able to allocate your time effectively so that no child is left behind.

Be prepared – Be sure to utilize the environment you are in and learn from every day. Take notes and ask staff around you as many questions as possible. There is a lot to take in during a school day and it can be overwhelming. Reviewing what you have learnt and preparing for the next lesson will set you up for what you can expect in your future career as a teacher.

Passion and energy – To be a great TA, you MUST have a passion for working with children. No school day will come without its challenges, there will be the odd temper tantrum. So being able to engage with children and develop their skills can really set them up for the years ahead. Becoming a friendly face to those who are struggling can build their confidence and help them develop further.

If you are thinking about changing your career, get in touch with us today and let us help you kick start your new journey into teaching!