Online learning – keeping children engaged

In a world where we are spending a lot more time at home, the disruption to our children’s school life is more apparent than ever. Many children are having to adapt to online learning, so they don’t miss out on months of valuable education.

But how do you keep your child focused on learning outside of the classroom? We have put together a list of things to consider so your child continues to be engaged and enthusiastic about learning.

A good workspace
Designate an area of the house for learning so that your child can separate school time and leisure time. Sitting in front of the TV, or lying in bed on their laptop, will not motivate them to switch on when it is time to study.
Decorate a study space together and allow them to personalise it so that they know when they are here, it is time to learn.

Take a break
Schedule breaks with your child just as they would have in school. Concentrating on a screen for too long can be difficult. It will benefit them if they move away from the space, even for 10 minutes.

Plan ahead
Set some realistic goals and make a checklist so they know what they are aiming to achieve during each learning session.

Stay Social
Continue to develop their social skills by connecting them with friends. Set up a zoom call or allow them to play virtual games with others. This will help them to continue to communicate effectively and not feel isolated.

Be patient
Home learning can be a big change for some students and it may take some getting used to. Take the time to listen to how they are feeling.

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