Reflecting on the past year



As I sit down to reflect on my journey over the past year in my Learning and Development role, I feel a great sense of achievement in the creation and growth of our new department. From the highs of witnessing personal and professional growth to the challenges of navigating new areas, priorities, and people, this first year has been nothing short of transformative.


Stepping into the realm of L&D, I was overwhelmed with the everchanging landscape of learning that has evolved at speed following the pandemic. Exploring technologies, training programs, external learning providers and varying learning methods left me with some big questions about how I could move learning and development forward within our company.


Beyond all the elements however, I knew that creating a culture of continuous learning within the organisation where we recognise and reward development and progression, and encourage the sharing of knowledge and best practice, needed to be at the forefront of everything we do.

Forging partnerships



One of the most rewarding aspects of my role has been forging partnerships across our brands.


By collaborating with different departments, leaders, and consultants, every day has brought new insights and challenges, and it has been valuable to learn from different individuals with diverse experiences and backgrounds.


Whether conducting training sessions, hosting workshops, or providing one to one coaching, building relationships with our people has been truly rewarding and instrumental in my own journey of learning.

Embedding a culture of learning



However, it’s not just about what happens in the classroom or during workshops; it’s about creating an environment where learning is woven into the fabric of our everyday work life, driving innovation, collaboration, and personal growth.


With this as a priority, I set out to look for a platform that could embed these values and provide the everyday opportunity to learn and grow, that I could not provide alone in person.

Introducing Affinity Link



Our new Learning Management System, Affinity Link provides a personalised learning experience which can be tailored to the unique needs and preferences of individual learners. No matter your geographical location, career level or status, you can access around the clock learning tools to support you in your career.


As we evolve with our new platform, we hope to use our Learning management system to track learner progress, completion rates, and assessment scores, allowing our leaders to identify trends, gaps, and areas for improvement. We want to unlock the potential in all our employees and provide them the opportunity to grow and prosper throughout their journey with Affinity Workforce.

Launch of phase one



We launched phase one of the LMS in May 2024, with the new onboarding induction.


From learning pathways, task driven learning and materials to company policies and compliance requirements, new hires can access all essential information in one location.


This will provide consistency in messaging and will streamline our onboarding experience for both employees and leaders.

Investing in talent



In a competitive market where talent and quality are the driving force behind success, investing in the development of our temporary workforce was also a high priority.


This year, we took a significant step forward in our commitment to employee enrichment with the launch of Candidate Go, and our online live sessions hosted by former education senior leaders covering topics in for Secondary, Primary and SEND staff.


The participation in our training has been phenomenal, and we have successfully reach over 5000 learners in 12 months through the platform and live training.

Looking ahead to the future



As I look ahead to the coming year, I do so with a sense of excitement and optimism.


Armed with the lessons learned from my first year in a L&D role, I am ready to embark on new challenges, seize opportunities for growth, and continue making a positive impact on the individuals within our organisation.


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