Our Mission



We are committed to playing our part to help the planet by reducing our carbon footprint and becoming a sustainable business. AWS has teamed up with Greener Energy Futures and TEMWA Carbon Balance, to reduce and offset our carbon emissions to protect communities across the world, who are severely impacted by climate change.

Our Journey to Reducing Carbon Emissions…

Meet Our Green Champions


Our Green Champions driving change across AWS to become a greener, sustainable business.

Esme Bianchi-Barry


Ashleigh Dring


Chris Pender


Rebecca Everall

James Cook

Corinna Holden

Lauren Griffiths

Megan Cook

Aaron Lonergan

Our Partners


We have partnered with Greener Energy Futures and TEMWA Carbon Balance to support us on our mission to reduce the carbon impact we create as an organisation.


Our partnerships involve reducing our overall carbon impact and where carbon cannot be neutralised, planting trees to offset any carbon used to help communities in Malawi.

Catch up on the latest Affinity Zero news…

Charity Bike Ride: Esme’s 300km Challenge in Support of Temwa

Esme, the CEO of Affinity Workforce, is gearing up for a 300km bike ride in support of the charity Temwa. As she prepares for this incredible journey, let’s explore her training, motivation, and the cause she’s passionate about.

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The ABCs of Sustainable Living & Working: Learning To Be Greener

Welcome to the world of sustainability—where small steps can create a significant impact! At Affinity Workforce Solutions, we believe that every effort counts.

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recycling is a huge part of sustainable living

Beating Plastic Pollution: Small Steps Towards a Greener Future

World Environment Day is a reminder for us to reflect on our environmental impact and take steps towards a greener future. Here are some  simple and practical ways in which we can all contribute to beating plastic pollution. 

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AWS takes on the Hadrian’s Wall walk challenge for charity

Chris Carter and Chris Pender from Affinity Workforce’s sister brand, CER have walked 85.8 miles across Hadrian’s Wall to raise money for Temwa.

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Affinity Workforce X CER Greener Commute Challenge

As part of our Affinity Zero mission to become a green and sustainable organisation AWS’ sister brand, CER recently launched an incentive for employees to take greener modes of transport to the office.

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Affinity Workforce X CER Hadrian’s Wall Walk

Two employees from Affinity Workforce are walking the length of Hadrian’s Walk to raise money for TEMWA, a charity offering sustainability support to people in Malawi.

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Affinity Workforce funds tree planting in Malawi

Affinity Workforce Solutions (AWS) is working in partnership with charity, Temwa on its Temwa Carbon Balance initiative to support communities affected by climate change in Malawi. 

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The Little Steps To Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges our planet faces. Average global temperatures are increasing, extreme weather conditions are becoming severe and ocean levels are rising. We explain the steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Affinity launches mission to reduce carbon emissions

Affinity Workforce Solutions (AWS) has launched a brand new campaign – Affinity Zero, to help protect communities across the globe by reducing its carbon footprint.

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