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Career advice for teachers and ECTs

Applying for Your First Teaching Job


As a recent graduateapplying for your first teaching job marks a significant step in your career. Are you stuck on how to start the search for your next teaching position? Well, here are some tips help you land your first job in education.


Why Become a Teacher? 7 Reasons to Get Into Teaching


Whether you’re driven by a passion for education or the desire to make a meaningful impact on the lives of young people, teaching can be a fulfilling career choice. This article explores 7 reasons to get into teaching.


How to Build Positive Student-Teacher Relationships


It has become more important than ever for teachers to develop healthy relationships with students. Positive student-teacher relationships increase academic performance as well as social and emotional health of students.


5 Teaching Methods to Engage Students in the Digital Age


In today’s digital age, engaging students in the classroom can be a challenge. With distractions constantly at their fingertips, teachers must find innovative ways to captivate their students’ attention.


Adapting Teaching Strategies for Different Learning Styles


Within the field of education, one size does not fit all. We’ll explore the different types of learning styles students can have and provide practical tips for teachers to tailor their teaching strategies accordingly.


Lesson Planning Tips for Early Career Teachers


As an early career teacher (ECT), diving into lesson planning might feel like navigating uncharted waters. Even for experienced teachers, lesson planning can be a stressful area. We have gathered advice and resources to help you plan your lessons.


Maintaining a Work-Life Balance: Tips for New Teachers


As a new teacher, figuring out how to achieve a healthy work-life balance can be a struggle. However, finding a balance can help teachers build a happy career in education. Read our top tips on how to look after your well-being as an ECT.


Navigating Your Career Options as an ECT


While the usual route for early career teachers (ECTs) involves completing induction and transitioning into mainstream education, there are other equally rewarding paths to consider once qualifying. Discover your career options as an ECT.


How to Ace Your Interview as a New Teacher


Your first early career teacher (ECT) interview can be a nerve-wracking experience, but we are here to guide you through the process to make sure you’re confident for the big day. Learn more about how to prepare and common questions you may be asked.


CV Writing Tips for Early Career Teachers


Embarking on your journey as an early career teacher (ECT) is exciting but can also be a challenging venture. Read our article for CV writing tips that will help you stand out among other candidates and land your first teaching job.


Career advice for teaching assistants

TA Interview Tips: Common Questions and How to Prepare


If you’ve recently completed your TA qualification, the next thing to do is find a position that aligns with your skills and preferences. As an education recruitment agency, we aim to provide valuable tips on how to prepare for TA interviews and common questions that may come up.


How to Get a Teaching Assistant Job


To boost your odds of landing a TA position, it’s crucial to navigate your job search effectively and consider advancing your qualifications. This article offers advice and insights to equip you for the job application journey and a fulfilling career in education.


What Makes a Successful Teaching Assistant?


Becoming a successful teaching assistant is more than just supporting teachers in the classroom; it’s about making a positive impact in the lives of students. If you’re interested in becoming a teaching assistant, you may be wondering what skills and qualities are important in the role.


Roles and Responsibilities of Teaching Assistants


TAs play an important role in the classroom, providing support to teachers and students alike. Are you thinking about becoming a teaching assistant? In this guide we outline the responsibilities of TAs, SEND TAs and HLTAs. Find out what type of role suits you the best.


7 Reasons to Become an SEN Teaching Assistant


Special educational needs (SEN) teaching assistants play a vital role in the classroom. Working with SEN requires a unique set of skills, including patience and specialised training. Here are seven compelling reasons to consider becoming an SEN teaching assistant. 


Career advice for nursery staff

Nursery Assistant Job Description


Nursery assistants work in a childcare facility and help to create a safe, fun and educational environment for babies and young children up to five years of age. Learn about the responsibilities, skills, qualifications, education, salary expectations and experience requirements for a nursery assistant role.


Nursery Nurse Job Description


A role as a nursery nurse, or nursery teacher, is rewarding and involves a combination of childcare and education. Find out about what a nursery nurse role entails and the duties, skills, qualifications, experience, education and salary expectations for someone working in this rewarding role.


How to Become a Nursery Nurse in 5 Steps


A nursery nurse plays a vital role in the early development and care of young children, usually from birth to five years old. In this article, we discuss what a nursery nurse is, how to become a nursery nurse and provide CV writing and job application tips for those interested in applying for nursery roles.


Nursery Interview Tips: Common Questions and How To Prepare


From deciding what to wear and what to say, it’s easy for nursery nurses and nursery assistants to become overwhelmed in their interviews. To help you navigate the interview process with confidence, we’ve crafted this comprehensive guide with common questions and how to prepare.


Becoming a Nursery Assistant: Key Qualifications and Experience


The journey to becoming a nursery assistant involves acquiring specific qualifications, gaining hands-on experience, and developing a range of essential skills. This article will guide you through each step of the process, offering insights into what is required to become a nursery assistant. 

Starting Your Nursery Career: A Complete Beginner’s Guide


The journey into the world of childhood education is both rewarding and challenging. This e-book aims to be your trusted companion as you embark on this fulfilling path. Read all about how to get started in your early years career and how to land your first nursery job.


Supporting Children With Special Needs in Nurseries


This e-book aims to provide nursery professionals with practical insights, strategies, and real-life examples to help them make their space truly inclusive and supportive for every child. Read more about how nursery nurses and assistants can support children with special educational needs.