Affinity Workforce Solutions (AWS) is working in partnership with charity, Temwa on its Temwa Carbon Balance initiative to support communities affected by climate change in Malawi.


As part of its Affinity Zero campaign, AWS has donated more than £5,000 to Temwa Carbon Balance to plant 4,120 trees and offset the 412 tonnes of carbon it produced in 2022.


Temwa Carbon Balance supports communities in the Nkhata Bay district of Malawi. Due to climate change, Nkhata Bay experiences more frequent, extreme weather including heavy rainfall, droughts and floods and since 2000, the district has lost 22% of its forest.

Esme Bianchi-Barry, CEO of AWS, said: “It is great to see the positive impact we have made by funding the planting of trees in Malawi and offsetting our carbon. Sustainability is one of our six company values, so it is important that we live and breathe by our values and try to make positive changes to become a greener organisation.


“As an education recruitment agency, we feel it is necessary we do everything we can to support communities across the globe that are affected by climate change. We want to help them build communities where they can learn and thrive.”

Jo Hook the Founder and Managing Director from Temwa expressed their gratitude to AWS for its donation.  She said: “We’re delighted that Affinity Workforce has kindly donated £5,150 to Temwa Carbon Balance. We would like to thank AWS and its employees for their support in making this happen. We are incredibly excited about our new partnership with AWS and are very much looking forward to the fundraising activities in the coming year.”


AWS is currently reviewing how to reduce the amount of carbon it creates in 2023 and has implemented an Affinity Zero action plan across its offices. It will continue to work with Temwa to support its funding efforts across other initiatives organised by the charity including girls’ education, HIV and water health, and agroforestry.


Esme added: “There is still a lot of work to do and we are excited about our partnership with Temwa, and the work we can do together, to hopefully make a massive difference in reducing our carbon footprint whilst supporting communities in Malawi.”


For more information about AWS’ Affinity Zero campaign click here