Training and development is an important part of Affinity Workforce Solutions’ (AWS) culture, so much so it is one of our core values.



Values are there for companies to live and breathe by and that is exactly what AWS is doing. One of our values is ‘mentors’ – to guide, coach and motivate our employees to achieve their goals – and the AWS Book Club is just one example of this.




Launched at the start of the year, the book club consists of 11 Team Leaders and Managers, all of whom have varying levels of experience in leading and mentoring people. The club is an opportunity for managers to self-develop through reading business and management books.


Every quarter the team reads a business or management book selected by the CEO. Towards the end of the quarter, they meet to discuss what they have taken away from the book. The team is encouraged to discuss and share ways they have implemented the management advice into their day-to-day roles, reflect upon their reactions to certain situations and how the book has helped to improve their management skills.


CEO of AWS, Esme Bianchi- Barry, set up the book club and explained: “I wanted to take a different approach to training and development. Because we meet once a quarter, it enables the team to stop and think about what they are reading and discuss certain aspects of the book with their colleagues.


“The Covid-19 restrictions meant that we were unable to meet up face-to-face with our colleagues and share best practices. I am really keen to restart these sessions and help coach and guide a successful workforce.”

From Pitch to Boardroom



The first book the club is currently reading is From Pitch to Boardroom, by Stuart Blyth, a book well known to the CEO. Esme was advised to read the book when she was promoted to Operations Director by her predecessor. She found the book beneficial and believes everyone in the club will take something away from reading it.


Another important aspect was for the team to read a physical book. Esme said: “I wanted to buy a physical book, not an eBook. We work in a busy environment surrounded by technology; taking calls and sitting at a computer all day.


“By reading a physical book not only helps with self-development and management techniques, but it helps to relax and unwind.”

If you’re an experienced recruiter looking to join a recruitment business that values its employees and gives them the tools to develop and progress, then email your CV to abetterway@affinityworkforce.com.