Here at Affinity Workforce, we are keen to do our part to help the planet and become a more sustainable business. By reducing our carbon footprint, we can help to protect communities across the world who are severely impacted by climate change.


So we are very excited to announce our recent partnership with Greener Energy Futures and TEMWA Carbon Balance. Our mission over the next 12 months is to reduce the carbon impact created as an organisation. This will involve reducing our overall carbon impact and where carbon cannot be neutralised, planting trees to offset any carbon used.


We will also be redirecting some of the savings we make through carbon reduction to support education projects in Malawi.

A number of our staff recently took part in a Green Energy Workshop, in a bid to create a strategy that will make small but significant changes to how we run the business. The team at Greener Energy Futures assessed every aspect of the business and broke our carbon usage into sectors such as: printing goods, electricity, pensions and commuting.


By reviewing where carbon emissions are highest across the group, the team were able to come up with small achievable actions that in the short term, will make a big difference. This provided an insight into the amount of changes we can make quickly, with little or no impact to our working day.

Affinity were also honored to receive a presentation from Kondwani, a team member at TEMWA, who shared with us the amazing changes being made in Malawi to help disadvantaged communities. With businesses taking part in the Greener Energy mission, TEMWA are able to fund the planting of thousands of trees per year, allowing families to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and build a positive future for their communities, with improved medication and learning to grow their own crops. Now that we have set measurable and realistic targets for the Affinity brand, we will be reviewing our strategy over the next 6 months to see how our carbon usage has changed and what impact that has had on staff across our four brands.


Stay tuned for our next update!