Home tuition – Different ways of learning

Every pupil learns in different ways and at different paces. If you are looking for a tutor to deliver home tuition, it’s important they understand the most effective way your child learns.

Joining a home tuition virtual platform, like Affinity Tutors, is a great way to access different tutors across the UK who can provide different types of tutoring dependent on the students’ learning style. 

Below we explore the functions of an online classroom and how these features help different ways of learning. 


If your child is a visual learner, they will learn better by viewing imagery, charts, diagrams, icons and symbols. The Affinity Tutors platform allows users to co-view and co-edit resources such as diagrams and colour-coded mind maps to help them visualise the information. 


An auditory learner learns through listening rather than through writing. It is important that the learner can hear the tutor clearly, to capture the information. The student and tutor can fully communicate through the Affinity Tutors platform via live video chat.


If your child is a kinaesthetic learner who likes to be hands-on and becomes bored in a classroom, explain this to the tutor. They may be able to deliver the virtual tutoring sessions in a more active, engaging way so your child can learn better. The live video chat enables the tutor to deliver a practical session for the student to follow. 

Affinity Tutors is an all-in-one system allowing parents to check their child’s progress, message tutors, manage their calendar and make payments. 

If you’re looking for a tutor to support your child in helping them achieve their potential and giving them the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed, then contact our team today by emailing: tutors@affinityworkforce.com.