Children’s Book Week 2023



As Children’s Book Week 2023 approaches, we’ve put together a list of must read books for primary school children to engage and inspire various ages. These selections cater to different year groups and cover a wide range of themes, ensuring that every young reader can find something captivating. Let’s explore our top book recommendations for children during this special week.

“How to Catch a Star” by Oliver Jeffers

Reception (age 4-5)


Follow the imaginative journey of a young boy as he tries to catch a star. With beautiful illustrations, this book is perfect for first independent reading.


“The Tiger Who Came to Tea” by Judith Kerr

Year 1 (age 5-6)


Join Sophie as a big striped tiger pays an unexpected visit during tea time. This classic tale can inspire creative writing and make an ideal class read-aloud.


“Mrs. Wobble the Waitress” by Janet & Allan Ahlberg

Year 2 (age 6-7)


Mrs. Wobble’s wobbling antics in her dream job as a waitress create laughter through alliteration, onomatopoeia, and rhyme. It’s an excellent choice for classroom reading or teacher performances.


“Fantastic Mr. Fox” by Roald Dahl

Year 3 (age 7-8)


Roald Dahl’s timeless story of Mr. Fox’s cunning exploits against nasty farmers is perfect for developing inference and prediction skills. Engage your seven-year-olds with this fun and engaging text.


“Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White

Year 4 (age 8-9)


Wilbur the pig’s heart-warming tale, aided by Charlotte the spider’s messages, is an excellent choice for less confident readers and a staple class text for Year 4.



“Coming to England” by Floella Benjamin

Year 5 (age 9-10)


This inspiring autobiography chronicles the Windrush experience of a young girl traveling from Trinidad to England in 1960. It’s a powerful read that resonates with KS2 children and is a valuable resource for autobiographical writing.

“Goodnight Mister Tom” by Michelle Magorian

Year 6 (age 10-11)


Set during WW2, this book tells the story of a boy from London arriving at the home of a widower in a village. Ideal for Year 6 pupils studying 1939-1945.


“An Imaginary Menagerie” by Roger McGough

Poetry for 7-11-year-olds


This collection of playful animal poems with wordplay, homonyms, puns, and rhymes is a fantastic choice for KS2 literacy teaching and can spark creativity in young minds.


“Fearless Fairy Tales” by Konnie Huq & James Kay

Book for Bedtime (age 5+)


Re-imagined classic tales with a modern twist are perfect for bedtime reading. These stories are ideal for independent-minded children aged 7-11.

Incorporating these engaging books into your lessons can make a profound impact on children’s reading skills at any age. As primary school educators, you have the power to ignite a lifelong love of reading. These carefully selected titles provide a fantastic opportunity to captivate young minds, and promote a deep appreciation for literature.


So, during Children’s Book Week 2023 and beyond, let’s inspire the joy of reading and the wonders of storytelling in our students. Together, we can help them embark on a literary journey that will last a lifetime.


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