Affinity Extra: FAQs



Welcome to our FAQ section dedicated to Affinity Extra, our exclusive online discount and cashback platform available to all our candidates and employees. At Affinity Workforce, we’re committed to enhancing the overall experience for our candidates and employees, and Affinity Extra is just one of the many benefits we offer.


Affinity Extra provides access to hundreds of discounts and cashback offers from a wide range of high street stores, supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas, and attractions. In addition to these fantastic savings, candidates and employees also have access to valuable wellbeing resources and free eye tests, promoting overall health and wellness.


We address common questions about Affinity Extra, including the types of discounts available, how candidates and employees can access the platform, and the additional benefits offered. Explore the FAQs below to learn more about how Affinity Extra can help you save money and enhance your wellbeing.