Encouraging your child to read

There are many benefits to reading. It improves concentration, exercises the brain and improves literacy, to name but a few. We share some tips and advice on how you can encourage your child to read.

It doesn’t need to be a book…

Encourage your child to read anything they like; it doesn’t need to be a book. Newspapers, comics, football programmes are great ways to get your child reading. If your child doesn’t like the book, they need to change it and not persist with it as they’ll get disheartened.

Link to the classroom

If your child is enjoying a particular topic in their lessons, link the topic with the books you buy. Whether they enjoyed reading a book in class from a particular author or they are enjoyed learning about a particular topic in history, buying books linking to the classroom will encourage them to read at home.

Visit the local Library

Becoming a member of your local library is a great way to access different books from audiobooks and eBooks, there is a whole range of different reading materials your child can access. Many libraries also organise events and activities for all the family, such as reading groups and author visits.

Read Together

Reading together as a family. Whether you allocate a time where you all read different books at the same time or you read the same book and share your thoughts, it is a great way to spend time together. Don’t forget to create a comfortable space for all the family to read.

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