Esme, the CEO of Affinity Workforce, is gearing up for a 300km bike ride in support of the charity Temwa. As she prepares for this incredible journey, let’s explore her training, motivation, and the cause she’s passionate about.


Preparing Body and Mind

Taking on a 300km bike ride is no small feat, and Esme knows the importance of physical and mental preparation. Her training includes a mix of indoor and outdoor cycling. Despite unpredictable weather, she’s committed to 45-minute indoor cycle classes at her local gym to keep her legs moving.

Recently, Esme embarked on a campervan trip to Somerset and Cheddar, where she tackled routes of 50km, 75km, and 85km over consecutive days, preparing her for the 100km rides ahead. Nutrition is a key focus, and she plans her meals meticulously to stay energized. She also anticipates a well-deserved treat at a halfway café during their ride.

Three Routes, Three Challenges

Originally planned as a ride from the Eden Project in Cornwall to Bristol, the route has changed. Now, they’re tackling three different circular 100km routes, all starting and ending in Bristol.

  • Route 1 goes to Tintern Abbey in Wales, offering relatively flat terrain and stunning views.
  • Route 2 leads to Westonbirt, The National Arboretum, with a midpoint stop amid nature’s beauty.
  • Route 3, still in planning, hopefully offers a smoother, less hilly ride for the final day.


Passion for the Cause

Esme’s commitment goes beyond personal challenges; it’s rooted in her passion for the cause Temwa supports. Temwa, a Bristol-based charity, aligns perfectly with Esme’s goal to be more environmentally friendly, both personally and through her business, Affinity Zero. She has spent time with the charity’s CEO and volunteers, strengthening her connection to their mission.

Balancing Act

Balancing the role of CEO with intensive training is challenging, but summer break allowed Esme to allocate more time to her training. Extended rides, indoor gym classes, and weekend outdoor sessions have all prepared her physically for the ride.


Advice for Aspiring Change-Makers

Esme’s journey inspires those looking to make a positive impact. She suggests starting with small changes like choosing eco-friendly products and supporting local businesses. These actions collectively lead to a more sustainable future.

For those interested in supporting charitable causes, Esme recommends organisations like Temwa that organize events throughout the year. Getting involved in these events is a fulfilling way to contribute to causes close to your heart.

Future Endeavours

Esme’s commitment to environmental and charitable causes continues. Affinity Zero will support charities aligned with their values. Esme believes in using her platform to make a positive difference in society, ensuring their journey extends beyond this challenging bike ride.


Support the Cause

Esme and her team have set an impressive fundraising target of £1,800. To contribute and motivate them, visit their Just Giving page. Every donation, regardless of size, makes a significant impact.

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