Working in Nurseries: FAQs



Welcome to our FAQ section tailored specifically for nursery staff and workers. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or considering a career in early childhood education, we’re here to provide clarity on what nursery roles entail and the qualifications required to excel in this rewarding field.


Nursery staff play a crucial role in nurturing the development of young children during their formative years. From creating engaging learning environments to fostering social and emotional growth, those working in nurseries make a lasting impact on children’s lives.


We address common questions about the responsibilities, skills, and qualifications necessary for nursery roles. We aim to provide comprehensive answers to help you navigate your career journey in the nursery sector. Explore the FAQs below to gain insights into the dynamic world of nursery education and embark on a fulfilling career dedicated to shaping the future generation.


If you’re interested in learning more about what nursery roles entail, including the qualifications, education requirements, skills, career paths and more, take a look at our job descriptions for Nursery Nurses and Nursery Assistants.



  • What types of nursery roles does AWS offer?

    At Affinity Workforce, we offer a range of nursery roles, including Nursery Nurses, Nursery Practitioners, Early Years Educators and Nursery Assistants.


    Nursery Nurses and Practitioners provide essential support for children’s well-being and development and contribute to planning and implementing educational activities.


    Nursery Assistants play a crucial role in day-to-day operations, ensuring a safe and clean environment. These roles collectively cover the early years.

  • What ages do nursery workers typically work with?

    Nursery workers typically work with children ranging from infancy, younger than 18 months, to around 5 years old. These early years are critical for a child’s development, and nursery workers play a vital role in providing care, support, and age-appropriate learning experiences for children during this formative stage.


    Depending on the nursery setting, workers may interact with infants as young as a few months old, toddlers who are exploring their world, and pre-schoolers preparing for their transition to formal schooling. Adapting to the needs and developmental stages of children within this age range is central to the role of nursery workers.

  • What qualifications and experience are required to work in a nursery?

    To work in a nursery, we typically require the following qualifications and criteria: 






    If you’re interested in learning more about what nursery roles entail, including the qualifications, education requirements, skills, career paths and more, take a look at our job descriptions for Nursery Nurses and Nursery Assistants.

  • What personality traits are essential for working with young children in a nursery setting?

    Working with young children in a nursery setting requires a unique set of personality traits to foster a positive and nurturing environment.


    Essential traits include patience, empathy, adaptability, enthusiasm, effective communication skills, creativity, compassion, observational skills, teamwork, resilience, and a sense of humour.


    These qualities collectively contribute to creating a warm, secure, and enriching environment that supports the development of young children in a nursery setting. 

  • What does a typical day look like for someone working in a nursery?

    Working in a nursery involves a dynamic and varied schedule. This includes morning preparation to ensure a safe and organised environment.


    The day includes welcoming children and their parents, facilitating educational activities, overseeing meal and snack times, and allowing outdoor play for physical development. Communication with parents is essential. You will be required to provide updates and address any concerns.


    The day concludes with the end-of-day routine, ensuring children are safely collected by their parents or guardians, and providing feedback on the day’s events. The focus is on maintaining a positive, nurturing, and safe environment that supports the well-being and development of the children. 

  • What are the benefits of registering as part of our nursery staff at AWS?

    There are several benefits of registering with us. Here’s just a few:


    • We offer a range of Early Years positions, and work with a variety of nurseries across England
    • Diverse opportunities and access to a wide range of nursery roles to suit your lifestyle 
    • Day-to-day, short-term and long-term cover opportunities
    • Access to a dedicated consultant and personalised support throughout your childcare journey 
    • Ongoing CPD support and training 
    • Competitive pay rates 
    • Access to Affinity Extra, our exclusive discounts and cashback offers 
    • Earn £200* when you refer a friend 
  • Are there opportunities for learning and professional development for nursery staff working with AWS?

    All nursery staff registered with AWS get access to Affinity Academy, our dedicated hub for learning and development. It provides nursery staff with a wealth of resources, training materials, and information to enhance their skills and knowledge.


    All nursery staff registered with us will have the opportunity to participate in online training courses designed to support their professional development. Why not take a look at our upcoming training sessions? 


    As a registered candidate of AWS, you also have access to The Skills Network, where you can explore over 30 level 3 online learning courses that will help you upskill, reskill, and personally develop.   

  • What are the average pay rates for nursery workers at AWS?

    At AWS, nursery staff who work on supply are paid on an hourly basis. These pay rates can vary but they are generally between £11 – £16 per hour. Pay rates will be reflected in the candidate’s experience, qualifications and skills. 

  • How do I register as a a nursery worker with AWS?

    To start your childcare journey with us, simply get in touch by calling 0333 188 5710. Alternatively, apply for one of our nursery roles and we will contact you directly!