As part of our Affinity Zero mission to become a green and sustainable organisation AWS’ sister brand, CER recently launched an incentive for employees to take greener modes of transport to the office.


Employees from CER’s Yorkshire & South region, which includes the Leeds, Sheffield, Luton, Kent and Hull branches, took part in the two week trial in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint. 


Our Green Champions monitored how  employees commuted to the office and what modes of transport they took – the greener the commute, the more points they received!

Challenge winners



CER’s Leeds office won the Greenest Team and saved 45.7kg CO2!  Aaron Lonergan, Gemma Roberts and Kerry Newton from CER’s Leeds branch won Green Commutters of the Week, whilst Lee Smith from CER Hull  was crowned the overall winner, earning the most points throughout the trial . He said “Honestly I am getting prizes for doing what I enjoy, training,  keeping fit and going to work!”


The winners were awarded with chocolate and a bottle of champagne. 


For more information about Affinity Zero and what we are doing to reduce our carbon footprint, click here.