Welcome to Cabot Learning Federation (CLF), a distinguished family of over 30 academies nestled in the heart of the South West of England. As a mature multi-academy trust (MAT), we are an integral part of the educational landscape – leaving a positive mark on our local communities. 



Mission and vision


Our mission at CLF is simple: to consistently deliver excellent educational experiences for pupils aged 3-19. Ultimately, we aim to improve our pupil’s life chances and the local community. Our vision focuses on collaboration and acknowledges that by working together, we can accelerate school improvement and embed excellence in all our academies.  

Unique characteristics


CLF stands out due to a unique blend of elements. The proximity of our academies, the diverse communities we serve, and the wide range of provisions is makes us special. As one of the largest, most established MATs in the South West, we have a national reputation as an educational leader.


A shared moral purpose binds CLF together. Our shared goal is to improve every student’s life chances while attending our schools. CLF schools are built on a foundation of collaborative culture. With a focus on the future as well as the present, the federation is united in providing outstanding educational experiences. 



Looking to the future


Cabot Learning Federation’s CEO, Steve Taylor, uses the CLF Strategy 2030 to affirm our dedication to the future. This progressive approach guarantees that CLF is focused on addressing the challenges of the next ten years, providing opportunity and hope to students, teachers, and communities. 

Core strategy – equity through education


Our three main strategies are the foundation of all trust activities. They are based on our dedication to “Equity Through Education.” These strategies serve as a framework for decision-making and highlight our commitment to establishing fairness in opportunities, encouraging inclusivity, eliminating disadvantage, and opposing discrimination.


Affinity plays a crucial role by providing temporary teaching and non-teaching staff across all CLF academies. This partnership ensures a seamless operation in our schools, and contributes to the dynamic and vibrant atmosphere that defines the CLF experience. It reinforces our dedication to high standards and creating an environment of optimal learning experiences for all CLF students.


Cabot Learning Federation is a vibrant community dedicated to creating a better future via cooperation, quality, and a strong moral mission. We are more than just an educational organisation. We want those who share the CLF vision to join us on the journey as we improve education in the South West and beyond. 

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