Why is Earth Day important?


On April 22nd, 2024, we celebrate Earth Day, an important event in the environmental calendar. Earth Day is a time to advocate for corporate sustainability.


At Affinity, we’re on a mission to become a greener, more sustainable business and Earth Day is a chance for us to reaffirm our commitments. Looking at other Earth Day initiatives from people and businesses around the globe inspires us to do more.


Our green commitments include plans to reduce our carbon footprint, conserve resources, and using our network to champion environmental justice. We are proud of our partnership with Temwa which has helped us to do this. 

What is Affinity doing to support sustainability?


Earth Day shouldn’t just be another day on the calendar; it should be a year-round focus.


Through Affinity Zero, we channel resources towards environmental projects that have a tangible impact. Whether reforestation with Temwa or renewable energy advocacy, these important initiatives are part of our commitment to effecting positive change around sustainability and engaging our teams in making a difference.


One of our key values is to become a greener business, because we genuinely care about the health of our planet. We believe that we should all work to leave things better than we found them. 

How are we driving change in our business?


Earth Day gives us an opportunity to engage our teams, customers, and communities in the fight against climate change.


Across Affinity, we have Green Champions who take responsibility for driving the change needed to become more sustainable business.


It’s also an important day for schools and teachers to mark, and a time for children to learn about the environment and climate change. Whether it’s organising volunteer clean-up events, hosting educational workshops, or launching eco-friendly initiatives, there are lots of Earth Day activities that children and young people can get involved in.  

Reaffirming our commitments


For businesses with a focus on sustainable values, Earth Day is a useful moment to reinforce our commitment, engage stakeholders, and catalyse meaningful action towards a greener future.


As we celebrate Earth Day, we are reaffirming our dedication to preserving the planet for generations to come. 

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