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Embarking on her Early Career Teacher (ECT) journey, Emma found unwavering support and valuable experiences through her collaboration with CER. From the initial enquiry about supply work to her current role as a supply teacher, Emma shares insights into her journey.


Benefits of Working as an Early Career Teacher on Supply



Working on supply has been a game-changer for Emma. The ability to work in various schools across the Northeast has meant Emma experienced different teaching environments and age groups. This invaluable experience, ranging from day nurseries to year 6 classrooms, allowed Emma to develop a broad skill set and explore different teaching strategies.


If you’re not sure which age range you want to work in or you feel you don’t have enough experience in some specific areas then supply is a great way to go as an ECT.”

Support and Continuous Professional Development (CPD)


CER’s solid support extends beyond placements, providing Emma with a safety net for queries and challenges. The agency’s commitment is evident through the provision of continuous professional development opportunities. From safeguarding courses to various CPD resources, CER ensures ECTs like Emma have the tools necessary for ongoing growth in their teaching careers with access to the Affinity Academy.




Emma passionately recommends CER to fellow ECTs.  “You get to see what works for you and develop your own toolkit of teaching strategies. I’ve worked for CER as a teaching assistant a few years ago as well, I loved my experience back then which helped with choosing which agency I wanted to work with as a newly qualified teacher, there was no doubt that I wanted to come back to CER. I’ve had nothing but a positive experience both as a TA and as an ECT.”

Tips for ECTs Going on Supply


“Be prepared to never have the same week. Every week of teaching is different than the last.” 


Emma shares valuable advice for ECTs venturing into supply teaching. The unpredictability of each week requires adaptability and a willingness to seek help. Emma emphasises the importance of learning from professionals in each school, urging ECTs not to hesitate in seeking guidance. 



Emma’s Supply Go Bag Essentials


Emma details her daily essentials – a well-stocked pencil case, and a wallet housing her DBS and ID for efficient morning sign-ins.

Emma also added I always take a water bottle with me too, I didn’t realise how much you have to speak every day until I started teaching, some lessons require a LOT of reading.” 

Favourite Subject to Teach: Science


Emma’s passion for teaching science shines through. She enjoys the unpredictability of experiments, promoting engagement and curiosity among her pupils.


I love the curiosity children have around this subject, I’ve found that it is one of the lessons where pupils are engaged the most, especially if they have an experiment to do.”


Memorable Classroom Moment


In a science lesson exploring the digestive system, a humorous question from a year 4 pupil provided a light-hearted moment, showcasing the unpredictability and joy inherent in teaching.


Emma shares “In a science lesson we were recreating how the digestive system works once food has been consumed using cornflakes, milk, water and a pair of tights (with the feet cut off). The aim was that the cornflakes, milk and water would stick together inside of the tights and eventually come out of the other end as it would the human body. This did not work, and the cornflakes came out mushy and wet and not stuck together at all. This prompted one of the year 4 pupils to ask, ‘Did that person have diarrhoea?’ To which the entire class started laughing and both me and the teaching assistants in the classroom couldn’t’ help but laugh either.”

Alternative Career Pathways


Reflecting on what might have been, Emma envisioned a path in health and social care, aspiring to become a nurse. Ultimately, teaching fulfilled her desire to make a meaningful impact on children’s lives. 


Emma highlights the specialized ECT programme offered by Affinity Workforce, the parent company of CER. This program provides a dedicated platform for ECTs to register and find supply opportunities, further highlighting the agency’s commitment to supporting early career educators. 


Emma’s ECT journey with CER and the Affinity Workforce’s specialised ECT program exemplifies a successful and enriching experience, promoting growth, adaptability, and a diverse skill set for the next generation of educators. 


If you are interested in teaching on supply as an ECT then get in touch with our specialist ECT team today. 


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