Our team at Affinity Workforce are raising money for Lime Academy Trust by taking part in the Great Bristol and Great Manchester 10K run!



Lime Academy Trust is one of the Multi-Academy Trusts we work with under our Managed Service Provision, supplying the Trust with temporary teaching and non-teaching staff in its academies across Peterborough and London.


We are raising money to purchase a state-of-the-art minibus for pupils at Lime Academy Trust.


Lime Trust’s CEO, Kirsten Jowett, said: “Most of our transport for the special schools is outside the criteria and will therefore cost us £12.50 every time we take learners anywhere. This is a really significant part of their learning especially for our more complex learners and those in wheelchairs.”


To support its London Special schools, the money raised from the charity run will be used to fund a ULEZ compliant minibus, which will reduce transportation costs and provide pupils with a more efficient service.

10 members of our team at Affinity Workforce and Monarch Education will be taking part in the run.


One of those members is Affinity Workforce CEO, Esme Bianchi-Barry. She said: “It’s important to support our Multi-Academy Trusts, so they can provide the best possible opportunities for their pupils.


“Although we work in partnership with Lime Trust to manage its temporary recruitment function, we also feel we should support our Trusts and their local communities by raising money to fund equipment and resources.”

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Please help us reach our £1,500 target to make a difference to the pupils of Lime Academy Trust! Donate here