Blue Monday – 15th January 2024


Payday is so far away, the mornings are cold and dark, the festive cheer and fairy lights have disappeared and Blue Monday in the mix dubbed the “most depressing day of the year” January can feel a bit like a never-ending marathon!


But fear not, we’ve got your back with some top tips to help you smash through this month…

1. Start with a Cuppa 

Kickstart your day with your go-to brew—be it coffee, tea, or a yummy smoothie. Having this morning routine can really set you up for a good day. 


2. Let There Be Light 

January means shorter, darker days. Open those curtains wide, get some daylight in, and consider getting a lightbox to brighten your space and mood. 

3. Move Your Body 

Exercise is like a secret weapon for feeling good. Take a stroll, do some yoga, or just dance around your place. It pumps out those happy chemicals in your brain. 


4. Stay Connected 

Don’t let the blues bring isolation. Chat with pals, family, or even colleagues. Being social—even online—can lift your spirits big time. 


5. Pause and Appreciate 

Take a breather, do some deep breaths, or try a quick meditation. And hey, think about what you’re grateful for. It’s the small stuff that counts! 


6. Take Bite-sized Steps 

Set achievable goals for the month. Break tasks down into smaller, doable bits. It’s less overwhelming and super satisfying when you tick things off.


7. Treat Yourself 

Make time for stuff you love—whether it’s reading, painting, or whipping up something yummy in the kitchen. Taking care of yourself is key! 


8. Ask for Help if You Need It 

It’s totally cool not to feel your best sometimes. If you’re feeling low, talking to a pro can really help. There’s no shame in asking for support. 

Blue Monday might try to put a damper on January, but with these simple tips, you’ve got the power to take charge. Embrace each day, look after yourself, and remember, sunnier times are ahead.


Let’s turn Blue Monday into a day that fuels our strength and helps us tackle January like champs! We‘ve got this!  


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