Ways to include Black History Month in lessons


Black History Month 2023 is a special celebration. It not only commemorates the incredible contributions of Black individuals throughout history, but also highlights a specific group that has often been overlooked in the past – Black women.


This year’s theme is “Saluting Our Sisters”. It underscores the remarkable role Black women have played as history makers. We’ll explore how teachers can include this theme into their lessons to promote a more inclusive understanding of history.

Spotlighting Unsung Heroes


Teachers can begin by spotlighting the stories of lesser-known Black women who made a significant impact. For example, they can introduce students to figures like Rosa Parks an African American civil rights activist, best known for her refusal to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus in 1955 and Mae Jemison the first African American woman in space.

These stories can be woven into history lessons to demonstrate the vital role Black women played in shaping our world.



Empowering Student Voices


Empower students to research and present their findings on notable Black women. Encourage them to choose individuals whose stories resonate with them personally. This approach promotes research and presentation skills, but also allows students to take ownership of their learning and engage with the material on a more profound level.

Art and Literature


Incorporate art and literature to bring the theme to life. Reading books by Black women authors, studying the works of Black women artists, or watching documentaries about their lives can provide a holistic perspective on their contributions. These activities can be integrated into various subjects, including English, art, and social studies.



Reflect and Discuss


Hold classroom discussions on contemporary issues and how they relate to the theme of Saluting Our Sisters. Moreover, analyse how Black women continue to make history today and discuss the challenges they face. Encourage students to think critically about the ongoing struggle for racial and gender equality.

Black History Month 2023 provides a unique opportunity to celebrate the invaluable contributions of Black women throughout history. By weaving these stories into the curriculum and encouraging meaningful discussions, teachers can ensure that the theme of “Saluting Our Sisters” is not just a slogan but a lived experience for their students, promoting understanding, empathy, and the recognition that Black women are indeed history makers.



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