Engaging Employees through Collaboration


My first few months of my Learning and Development role has been filled with my own learning. Affinity now has 4 brands and over 200 employees, therefore it was important for me to understand the Learning and Development that was happening across the businesses. I sent out a survey to receive feedback from employees about their learning experiences, training programs, and overall development initiatives. This feedback would be valuable for understanding what is working well and what areas needed improvement.


Throughout the last 3 months, I have asked lots of questions! Involving employees in the creating and feedback process is a really big part of engaging them. I want everyone’s ideas and opinions to be valued, and this is how I will move forward with the L&D Strategy.


Revamping the Induction Process


Anyone that has worked in recruitment will know how fast-paced and busy the environment can be. As a previous Recruiter and Leader of busy teams, I understand this first-hand. I am keen to provide short, focused, and easily digestible content that provides knowledge but isn’t too time consuming. Bite-sized lessons are well-suited for those who do not have time for lengthy training sessions. For some topics, this would be a style that was well suited to our needs.

Embracing Technology with a New Learning Management System



I am excited about the next 3 months, with lots of plans to revamp our induction process with an interactive workbook and in person workshops involving some of our most experienced consultants and managers across the businesses.  We are also close to launching our new Learning Management system (LMS) to facilitate our training programs for both candidates and employees. Technology is not an area I have had much experience with, so this has been a really interesting topic for me.

Join Us on the Journey of Growth and Development



As we move forward in this journey, I am thrilled to introduce the launch of Affinity Academy, our platform for continuous learning and development. With the invaluable insights gained from our employees, we are tailoring our approach to meet their specific needs and preferences. Affinity Academy is not just a place for traditional training but a hub for dynamic, personalised learning experiences.


Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey of growth and development at Affinity Academy. Together, we will nurture talent, drive success, and achieve new heights.