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This year, the government has announced some changes to the funding scheme, making it easier for schools to access tutors. As of September 2022, schools will have the freedom of picking their own private tutors and will be able to select external staff from a list of approved tuition partners, Affinity Workforce being one of those listed. 


We are helping schools make the most of this funding. As one of 43 partners on the programme, we can create a bespoke tutoring package based on your school’s funding and needs, supplying only the highest quality tutors. This option can take the pressure away from your school having to source and organise local resources that meet safeguarding and evaluation standards. 


NTP Funding


Schools currently have three funding pillars to use their tutoring subsidy either through an approved Tuition Partner, academic mentors or the ringfenced school-led tutoring grant.


As of September 2022, these funding routes will still apply. However, the NTP will provide tuition grants directly to schools, so they will no longer need to go through a central supplier to draw funds. Schools will have the freedom of picking their own private tutors and will be able to select external staff from a list of approved NTP tuition partners.


During the 2021/22 school year, the DfE covered 75% of the tutoring costs for each school. Under the new ruling, this will now change to 60%, meaning schools are required to pay the remaining 40% using other funding sources.

A word from our Group Operations Director…


We are delighted to be a supplier on the NTP for the next academic year to support pupils to continue to grow, develop and learn.


Schools are still seeing the effects of the pandemic on the younger generation and we are committed to ensuring that students have access to specialist tutors so they can achieve their potential.


We welcome these changes to the NTP, making it easier for schools to access experienced tutors and educators to support students and everyone at Affinity Workforce and our brands are proud to be able to make this happen.


Alex Champion

What our customers say…

‘The agency was helpful in understanding the extremely complex system and providing suitable tutors. The tutors were friendly and flexible and quickly worked as part of our staff team. Some of our vulnerable pupils were given the opportunity to practice skills and to recover learning after COVID.’

Easton CE Primary

“Great platform for tutors, it is simple to use but highly effective, providing high quality interactions between myself and the students.”

Nicola | Tutor


“I am extremely impressed with the service that Kim Hinchliffe from Affinity Tutors provide since working as an online tutor.

Sue Dhaliwal | Parent


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