“Welcome to Snowdon Village,” extends Principal Alex Davies, inviting you into the heart of the Cabot Learning Federation Trust. Snowdon Village comprises The Nest, Engage, Bristol Futures Academy, and City School, offering a warm welcome to students aged 4 to 16 who may find conventional school settings a bit challenging. 


Alex Davies shares that Snowdon Village is all about lending a helping hand to students who might face difficulties in regular schools. Their focus is on creating a comfortable and special place for each student to learn and grow. 

Trauma Informed School


Snowdon Village is really proud to be known as a Trauma Informed School in Bristol. This means they understand that tough experiences can sometimes make it hard to learn or behave. They work extra hard to make sure every student feels safe, understood, and encouraged every step of the way. 


But learning at Snowdon Village isn’t just about books and tests. It’s about making learning fun and useful for life beyond school. They want every student to feel excited about learning and ready for whatever comes next. 


Taking care of mental health is essential at Snowdon Village. They talk about mental health, listen to students’ feelings, and make sure everyone feels supported and like they have someone they can talk to if they need help. 

Students find their way to Snowdon Village in different ways. Some come from referrals and others through different programs. The schools have different rules about uniforms and what to wear to school, but it’s all about making everyone feel like they belong and are part of a big family. 


Snowdon Village is an advocate for treating everyone with kindness and celebrating what makes each person unique. They proudly support ‘The Halo Code,’ making sure everyone feels respected, no matter who they are or where they come from. By implementing the Halo Code, Snowdon Village schools are ensuring that no member of their community faces barriers or judgments because of their Afro-textured hair. 


Read more about Halo Code here

Rated “Good” by Ofsted


On being awarded their first ever “Good” grade from Ofsted in September 2023 Principal Alex Davies said:


We are all thrilled with the outcome and have been working incredibly hard over the last 4 years to secure this – a judgement our children deserve. I’m delighted for our school community and particularly the families and children we serve. It’s really important for the sector that Alternative Provisions are recognised for the crucial part they play in supporting some of our most vulnerable families and helping children obtain the outcomes they are capable of. The team were fantastic, but the real showstoppers were the children. So proud of their school and keen to show it off. That is what it’s all about.” 

Snowdon Village partners closely with Affinity Workforce and the Cabot Learning Federation Trust, showing their commitment to making sure every student gets the help they need to do well. This family of schools stand as a place where every learner is welcomed, supported, and encouraged on their unique journey of learning and growth. 


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