Our journey towards a greener future is led by the inspiring stories of our own team members. Join us as we dive into the ABCs of sustainability, making eco-conscious living a breeze! Learn more about sustainable living and working.



A is for Awareness


Ashleigh from CER, one of our Green Champions, embarked on a journey to learn more about her carbon footprint. She’s on a mission to make eco-friendly choices at home by using greener laundry products and swapping out plastic water bottles, she even encourages greener travel among her colleagues.

B is for Big Impact


Becky from Monarch Education knows that big companies can make a big difference. Our collective efforts at Affinity Workforce Solutions can shape the future. Becky’s passion, sparked by her eco-conscious aunt, reminds us that even the youngest generation will be impacted by our choices.



C is for Change


Chris from CER believes change begins with educating ourselves. Embrace the joy of learning through articles, podcasts, and documentaries. Chris suggests dedicating time each week to enrich our understanding of the environment.


D is for Daily Decisions


James from CER shows us that living sustainably isn’t confined to one lifestyle. From walking everywhere to supporting local businesses, James demonstrates that choices—no matter how small—can accumulate into monumental impact. Sustainability is inclusive and spans all levels of society.



E is for Everyone’s Effort


Lauren from Monarch Education champions reusable bottles and cups, showing that every small switch counts. In the office, we can collectively reduce waste by making simple changes. Lauren’s approach demonstrates how teamwork can drive us toward a greener tomorrow.

F is for Focus on the Future


Corinna from Monarch Education emphasises mindful choices. By asking, “How can I make this greener?” during purchase decisions, we can shape a sustainable future. Corinna reminds us that a shift in mindset paves the way for lasting change.



G is for Green Goals


Set your green goals today! Just like our Green Champions, you too can embark on a journey of eco-consciousness. Remember, whether it’s using eco-friendly products, reducing plastic usage, or making informed choices, every action matters.



H is for Hope


Hope lies in our collective effort. Each step we take, whether big or small, contributes to the greater cause. Let’s be inspired by the stories of Ashleigh, Becky, Chris, James, Lauren, and Corinna as we work toward a brighter, sustainable future.

Eco Quiz: Calculate Your Affinity Eco Score!



Ready to gauge your green impact? Take our Affinity Eco Quiz and discover your eco-score! Answer questions about your eco habits at work and home and tally up your points to see how green you truly are. It is a fantastic way to measure your journey towards sustainability.