What You Can Expect:



Our new #takethetest campaign challenges both parents and children to test their knowledge across a wide range of school subjects including maths, science, English language, literature, geography and more!


What’s to come:

  • Interactive quizzes on our website
  • New take the test blog
  • Mini game show
  • Instagram story quizzes
  • Head-to-head quizzes


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Test Your General Knowledge

Are you a maths wiz? Did you dread science in school? How are your English skills? Take this test to find out what school level you are!

Test yourself, share it with your child or do both to find out who's smarter: you or your child.

Check out our take the test geography quiz video…



Our staff here at Affinity had a go at answering a couple of year 4 geography questions.

Why not have a go yourself and check below in the answers section if you were correct!

The answers:


The capital of India is… New Delhi

The longest river in Africa is… The Nile

Test Your English Skills

Put your English skills to the test by taking part in this quiz!

Find out what school level you are: year 5, year 7 or year 9. 

Check out our take the test spelling quiz video…



Spelling can be trickier than you may think. Don’t believe us? Well, have a look at our recruitment consultants having a go at answering these year 5, 6 and 7 words.

Do you think you can get all of these correct?

Test Your Science Skills


Being a parent isn't easy, especially when your child asks you for help with their science homework. Can you answer these science questions that stump most parents? 

Take this quiz and find out what school level your skills equate to: year 5, year 7 or year 9!

Test Your Maths Skills


Are you a Maths wiz or do you need a little extra refresher? Grab a pen and paper and take our Maths test to find out for yourself!

Take the test and find out what school level you are: year 4, 5 or 6!