Affinity Workforce’s Commitment to Learning & Development


At Affinity Workforce, we’re not content with merely paying lip service to the buzzwords of “learning and development.” For us, these concepts are the very foundations of personal and professional growth, and we know that each of our employees is a unique individual with diverse learning preferences. With this in mind, we embarked on an exciting adventure we affectionately dubbed the #MegandSophRoadshow.


Our mission was clear: to delve deep into the desires and needs of our employees across the UK concerning learning and development. To guide us on this enlightening journey, we enlisted the expertise of Sophy Green, our enthusiastic Learning and Development Manager, and coming along for the journey is Megan Cook AWS Talent Acquisition Partner!

The Journey Begins: #MegandSophRoadshow Kick-off


Sophy brings a wealth of experience to the table, having already spent over a decade in education recruitment. She was also keenly aware that a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn’t suffice, especially when it came to the realm of learning. She has embarked on a nationwide odyssey, visiting each of our branches and engaging with employees to grasp the unique cultures and dynamics at play. Let’s dive into the highlights of these insightful visits so far:





The journey commenced in Liverpool, where Sophy warmly welcomed new starters, Emma and Mollie. But it didn’t end there; she also paid a visit to Career Teachers Liverpool, meeting the Manchester Manager (Yuen Sin), the new Liverpool Manager, Cassandra Atkins, and team members Megan and Jenna.



Moving north, Sophy and Megan ventured to Darlington, where they met with Jamil, the Darlington Manager. They learned some of the funny nicknames and stories from the team’s time together from the words posted on their sales wall! Darlington make a great brew, and have a large selection of lovely eateries!





The roadshow pressed on to Newcastle, where they sat in on the weekly team meeting to celebrate the success of the term so far! They later sat down with Managers, Dave Parsons, Natalie Moody, Aiden Shepherd, and Jamil Albarq to discuss their teams and how Affinity Workforce could support their development needs. Aiden treated them to a delightful breakfast, and they even had the unexpected pleasure of meeting Dave’s playful dog, Gucci, who hilariously ransacked Sophy’s handbag.



The journey led to Bristol, where Sophy collaborated closely with the service delivery team and enjoyed a coffee with the upcoming manager set to join the team in the following weeks. This marked an exciting milestone in her management journey with Affinity Workforce.




Sophy and Megan were warmly welcomed by Steve and his exceptional team in Derby Career Teachers. Beyond gaining insights into the branch’s dynamics, they had the privilege of experiencing Steve’s impeccable tea-making skills. Despite the rainy day, the team’s warmth and hospitality made them feel right at home.




In Sheffield, Sophy conducted training sessions with the new consultants from Leeds and Sheffield. They covered vital topics like vacancy management and candidate lead sales, laying the groundwork for implementation back at the branch.



On September 22nd, Sophy met Danielle, the newly appointed divisional manager in Manchester. This presented an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas on learning and development, drawing from Danielle’s valuable recruitment experience.





On September 27th, Sophy met with Affinity’s Compliance and Quality Assurance Manager, Lauren Griffiths, to discuss candidate CPD including safeguarding training to go through all legislation updates. Sophy also provided training to consultants that have been in the business less than 6 months, on Payroll and Agency Worker Regulations. Not an exciting subject, but a much needed one!

Continuing the Roadshow: What’s Next


The road show isn’t over, with Hull, Leeds, Luton, and London still to visit, as well as Birmingham and Sheffield Career Teachers locations! The branch visits have been more than just business assessments; they are opportunities to build relationships and immerse in the unique cultures and ethos of each location.


The #MegandSophRoadshow has so far provided invaluable insights into the diverse needs and aspirations of our employees. It’s also been so lovely to meet everyone outside of our annual conference, and we have received a warm welcome, lots of brews and even a cheeky breakfast and lunch in some locations! Maybe we will do this every term!