Children face a wide range of pressures and worries both at school and in their everyday lives. If left unchecked, this can start having a negative impact on their school work and development. According to Young Minds, 90% of school heads report an increase in the number of pupils experiencing stress or anxiety over the past five years.



Many families have turned to home tutoring to help improve their children’s grades, but they have also found some surprising benefits around their well-being. By registering with Affinity Tutors you can give your child the extra support they need in school and set them up with important behavioural skills.


Helps boost a child’s confidence and self-esteem



Tutors can help boost their children’s confidence. Getting 1-1 support with a tutor means your child can fill learning gaps and cover difficult topics at their own pace. Tutors encourage and help children believe they can tackle any question they’re faced with.


Children will also be more likely to take chances in the classroom. With tuition, your child can feel more confident to raise their hands and take part in lessons.

Improved motivation levels and enjoyment of learning



Helping your child build up a love for learning can drastically improve their well-being. Tutors teach subjects in interesting ways and adapt their teaching methods to fit with their student’s learning style. This can help with understanding and can make subjects more interesting and enjoyable.


Tutors don’t solely focus on achieving high grades, they also want to help students become more motivated and learn to build up healthy study habits. This is invaluable when it comes to inspiring students to become life-long learners and have a more positive attitude towards learning.

Behavioural benefits



An unexpected benefit of having a tutor is the transformational effects it can have on your child’s behaviour.


One of the main areas tutors focus on is helping children build functional skills which are not taught in school. This includes time management, organisational skills, and teaching children about ways to revise and how workload can be broken down into smaller chunks. Parents will often notice a remarkable difference and shift their child’s behaviour for the better.


To explore our wide range of fully qualified teachers to support your child, take a look at Affinity Tutors.