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Welcome to the teaching assistant career resources hub, your source of support and guidance within the education sector. At Affinity Workforce, we are dedicated to providing teaching assistants with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in their roles and advance their careers. Whether you are new to the profession or looking to enhance your skills, our content is designed to help you thrive. Below you will find articles and guides tailored for teaching assistants including interview tips, strategies for landing a TA job, and insights into what makes a successful teaching assistant.

TA Interview Tips: Common Questions and How to Prepare


If you’ve recently completed your TA qualification, the next thing to do is find a position that aligns with your skills and preferences. As an education recruitment agency, we aim to provide valuable tips on how to prepare for TA interviews and common questions that may come up.


How to Get a Teaching Assistant Job


To boost your odds of landing a TA position, it’s crucial to navigate your job search effectively and consider advancing your qualifications. This article offers advice and insights to equip you for the job application journey and a fulfilling career in education.


What Makes a Successful Teaching Assistant?


Becoming a successful teaching assistant is more than just supporting teachers in the classroom; it’s about making a positive impact in the lives of students. If you’re interested in becoming a teaching assistant, you may be wondering what skills and qualities are important in the role.


Roles and Responsibilities of Teaching Assistants


TAs play an important role in the classroom, providing support to teachers and students alike. Are you thinking about becoming a teaching assistant? In this guide we outline the responsibilities of TAs, SEND TAs and HLTAs. Find out what type of role suits you the best.


7 Reasons to Become an SEN Teaching Assistant


Special educational needs (SEN) teaching assistants play a vital role in the classroom. Working with SEN requires a unique set of skills, including patience and specialised training. Here are seven compelling reasons to consider becoming an SEN teaching assistant.